Research Dissertation

All students of the Department need to carry out a research dissertation during the last year of their studies. The subject is related to real-world problems related to economy, production and services. Each member of the Educational Staff proposes a set of subjects, which are announced periodically to the students, in order to choose the subject that best matches their interests. Students are allowed to choose a specific subject only if they have successfully passed three (3) or more specific courses that the supervisor has defined as prerequisites for this subject. A dissertation can be carried out jointly by a group of students, as long as the work allocation among the students has been clearly identified. The undertaking of dissertations by the students is performed twice per year, during the second week of each semester.

The Dissertation can be performed within the facilities and using the equipment of the Institute. However, the work can alternatively be carried out within external institutes, services, organizations or companies, after a decision by the Council of the Department. The dissertation can also be elaborated in academic institutes or enterprises in European Union, within European research projects.