Administrative and Academic structure

The Department of Business Administration belongs to the School of Management and Economics. It has been established in September 2013 under the law ΠΔ 82/31-05-2013 (ΦΕΚ 123/Α/3-6-2013), resulting from the merging between the Department of Marketing and the Department of Tourism Business Management. The Department of Business Administration offers the following Programs:

  • a) Program of Tourism and Hospitality Management
  • b) Program of Business Management, which is divided to
  •   ba) Business Administration
  •   bb) Marketing

The Program of Tourism and Hospitality Management and the Program of Business Management offer independent study programs but operate and are administered in common by the President of the Department of Business Administration and the General Assembly of the Department. The two Programs also share the Faculty and infrastructure. The students are registered in one of the two Programs, according to the results of the national examinations for entrance in the highest education.

The Program of Business Management offers two alternative specialized programs: Program of Business Administration and Program of Marketing, which operate in common for the 1st year of studies and their curriculum is differentiated from the 2nd year.

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