The Department of Business Administration of the Alexander TEI of Thessaloniki has been transformed to Department of Organisation Management, Marketing and Tourism of the International Hellenic University.

The current website is no longer updated and is advised to refer to the website of the new department: http://ommt.ihu.gr/


welcome to the Program of Business Management – Department of Business Administration

The Program of Business Management is part of the Department of Business Administration, which belongs to the School of Management and Economics of the Alexander Technical Educational Institute of Thessaloniki. The studies in the Program of Business Management have a 4-year duration, they include a research dissertation and an internship and lead to a Degree in Business Administration. The course program is divided after the 2nd year to the specialized Programs:

  • Program of Business Administration
  • Program of Marketing

The aim of the Program of Business Management is to develop qualified human resources and to create, extend and disseminate knowledge on the continuous improvement of the quality, competitiveness and viability of businesses. The vision of both specialized Programs in “Business Administration” and “Marketing” is to offer to their students the knowledge and skills that are necessary to succeed in an especially competitive work environment, which is increasingly based on human capital. It aims at training students to be capable of responding to new social needs, giving emphasis to knowledge, adaptation and resourcefulness. The curriculums of the Program of Business Management are targeted at the development of communication skills, collaboration, swift response to changing conditions, undertaking of initiatives and ability for decision making, while in parallel provide scientific foundations in management and marketing, as well as abilities to effectively exploit new technologies.